Pathdarshan foundaton


Name of Agency                      :   pathdarshan foundation

Establishment                         :   2009


To improve the quality of life of the rural poor through promotion of livelihood, Health, Literacy and development of Moral Values.                                       


-To do address eradication of Poverty  and hunger of the families living Below the poverty line. Education and functional literacy.

-Gender  Equality, empowerment of women and community health care with special emphasis on maternal and child health are superimposed in the livelihood activities

-Environment sustainable development,  Establishment of strong peoples organization at the grassroots level for implementing this holistic program.

- To deal with diseases such as TB and HIV/AIDS which are becoming prominent.                                                                                                                               


Mr. Narndrakumar D. Vasava has started the Pathdarshan Foundation. He has clear goal of improving the quality of life of the tribal people through promotion of livelihood, health, literacy and development of moral value. He emphasized the need for implementing all the four components simultaneously, although livelihood, program is major components, without which the other program cannot have a sustainable impact.

While helping the tribal people to earn their livelihood, there is need to undertake a multidisciplinary program. The foundation is new but working significantly and rapidly.


Considering the challenges in tribal area, Pathdarshan Foundation has set its mission on creating opportunities of gainful self employment for the Tribal youth and their families especially disadvantaged sections ensuring sustainable livelihood enriched environmental, improved quality of life and good human values.

This is being achieved through development research, effective use of local resources extension of appropriate technologies and up-gradation of skills and capabilities with community participation.  Pathdarshan Foundation is a non political secular and professionally managed organization.


1.                 Pathdarshan Foundation runs an English Medium School for tribal children.

2.                 The Foundation organizes Career Guidance camps

3.                 The Foundation offers different types of trainings to the youth (RTI, Media)

4.                 The Foundation has built the youth groups in villages

5.                 The Foundation runs Village Education Programme. (VEP)


Ø                     Capacity Building

Ø                     Technical Support

Ø                     Regular Training & Monitor

Ø                     Correlated  Activities


To ensure involve of the rural poor and to address the needs of the target families.

Ø                  To provide assured livelihood, food security to families living below the poverty line.

Ø                  To impart quality education to the tribal students.

Ø                  To improve the status of women.

Ø                  To promote economic sustainability through Pos.

Pathdarshan Foundation

·                    Mr. Narendrakumar D. Vasava          : The Director

·                    Mr. Balwant K. Parmar                      : The Secretary

·                    Mrs. Minaxi B. Parmar                      : The Treasurer

·                    Mr. Dhansukhbhai N. Vasava           : Jt. Secretary

·                    Mrs. Raginaben D. Vasava                : The Trustee

·                    Mr. Hitendra J. Vasava                       : The Trustee

·                    Mr. Manubhai V. Vasava                   : The Trustee




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